Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Vambina's Eats: Taqado Mexican Kitchen

To Date Nights!  

When you've been with your partner for more than a decade, chances are your priorities have shifted and you now fall into a daily routine of going to work, attending to kids, school work and all the other distractions this generation has laid down on us, your time together has downgraded to relaxing on the bed and doodling with your phone until one falls asleep... compared to a Flashback of when you are fresh into the relationship and you're both excited about your planned date nights on marking your "Monthsary" celebration and the BIG Kahoona extravagant, button popping Anniversary Dinner Dates with bouquet of flowers and gifts on the side. 

After having experience those fluttery "cutesy" date nights, present situation date nights are much simpler now, but we consider as an essential element of our relationship to deepen our communication, discuss future planning and to temporarily remove little "distractions" such as children and demands of our career. 

It is our way of keeping the flame alive in our relationship for it to grow stronger. As they say Marriage is a full time job! So here's to Date nights guys! :) And yes after all these years I still get to decide where to have our date nights!Teehee... 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello Kitty Run Dubai 2017

Hello Kitty Fun Run Dubai 2017

Following the success of the Hello Kitty themed run across Asia, the Sanrio Gmbh team brought back the famous character run back in Dubai. On December 8th 2017, over 1,000 runners where there all excited to start their friendly 5km Hello Kitty themed run at Zabeel Park. 

Runners get to have their Race packs a week before the run at Oasis Mall. Race packs are composed of 1 Pink Hello Kitty runner's T-shirt, 1 draw String bag, 1 race tag, and a medal which you can collect at the end of the race,but don't worry late registry is welcomed at the entrance gate of Zabeel park where you can  register or just but the Hello Kitty Merchandise for yourself as a token for 2017's Hello Kitty Dubai run.   

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dubai Fitness Challenge: Dubai Parks Fun Run

My First Ever Fun Run 

Since we have embraced the cold weather this past few weeks Fun Runs and Marathons are now on it's peak! Being a part of a company that supports health and wellness we are always encouraged to join events that involves both, specially now that Dubai30x30 is launched by His Highness and our company is one of it's supporters and sponsors.

Ever since we've moved back to Dubai all I can think of is joining this kinds of events and now that it's here and the location is just a stone throw away from our house what excuse can I have not to join one! Well...except for not having enough time to train for an 8km run! :P 

So I registered, did my due diligence of researching the route that we're going to take...and drum roll...JanJanJan Jaaannnnn....I was taken a back...for if you see the map I attached below it really is no joke...8km is 8km! No shortcuts just pure running straight ahead! So I have 1 full day to train and time myself for the run...I started off early morning on Friday as the race will take place on Saturday Morning. Did my 3k run which was easy peasy for me having the daily walk from the Metro to work. So I told myself yes! I can do this!!! 

As it is my 1st Fun Run/Marathon was very excited that I was the 1st one to wake-up. Woke up at 5:15am and started stretching and drinking my coffee! :) Once we reached the venue people were already there doing warm ups.

Fun runs as they say is less competitive compared to Marathons, so the vibe is maybe a bit different, people were there in groups with their uniforms, families joined in as well with baby strollers, and there where even Chefs with their hat and Big French Breads on their hands! The highlight for me was when we saw Smurfet and Papa Smurf roaming around and cheering for everyone! :)  

3km in and I was doing good still in motion of my light jog then run then light jog, not in a hurry for it was my first run and I don't want to quit mid run due to sprain or injury. When I reached 5km that's when it slowly started to take it's toll on me. From here on I started walking, yes no more light jog or  running, just plain old brisk walking... :) By 6km I started complaining, hehehe...good thing my sister was right there with me to push me...She started staying "you have come this far why give up now?!" so off we go again with our light jog...and lo and behold we reached our FINISH line with 1hr and 10secs on the clock! :) Now I understand how addicting running and joining fun runs and marathon can be. All those hardships before heading to the finish line is all worth it!

The awarding ceremony took place in front of Motion Gate theme park, so we took our due diligence of taking some snaps after the race! Can you see how happy we are finishing that 8k run...:) After all it's called FUN RUN right?!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dubai Fitness Challenge: Ladies night at Burj Park

A Healthier kind of Ladies Night

My weekends nowadays are fun packed with exciting activities, because of the launch of the Dubai Fitness Challenge and as activities are abundantly appearing like mushrooms all over town. But the ladies and I are more excited for the early Weekend Carnival that's specifically prepared specially for Ladies at Burj Park Downtown Dubai near the iconic tallest building in the word. We can't help but take pictures of the lovely place before heading directly to the fitness carnival. 

The place was picturesque no doubt about it! With the stunning view of the Burj Khalifa overlooking  the area.  

Burj Park was transformed into an outdoor gym complete with mobile fitness equipment for adults of all ages. While the kids have their own section where they can enjoy their own playful activities and fitness zones like the Ninja Warrior course that will test their agility and strength. There are also picnic areas with bean bags and inflatables for kids where people can just chill and watch what's going on around the park. They can relax and order healthy food in the stalls provided around the park.

The day was packed with group classes for Ladies.

Thursday’s Class Schedule
8:00am – Leg Bums & Tums by Fitness 360

8:30am – Super Abs by Fitness 360
9:00am – Zumba by Fitness 360
9:30am – Dancefit Arabia by Fitness 360
10:00am – Zumba by Fitness 360
10:30am – Dancefit Arabia by Fitness 360
5:00pm – The Aviation Club Presents: Les Mills Tone
5:45pm – The Aviation Club Presents: 44-minute Les Mills Body Combat
6:30pm – The Aviation Club Presents: Les Mills Body Balance
7:15pm – The Aviation Club Presents: 1-hour Les Mills Body Jam
8:15pm – Zumba with Strong Ladies Gym
8:45pm – Tabata with That Fitness Journey
9:15pm – 45-minute yoga with Joumana

Since we came straight after work we started off with the 44-minute Les Mills Body Combat! Mind you this is not for the faint of heart. And I suggest before taking this heart pumping class to do a little stretching as this is a high intensity class. Just a few minutes in and we were perspiring like crazy. It was a great work out indeed!

Now off to another great weekend of health and fitness! 

Vambina's Eats: Taqado Mexican Kitchen

To Date Nights!   When you've been with your partner for more than a decade, chances are your priorities have shifted and you now ...