Monday, July 4, 2016

Vambina's Eats: Galito's Flame Grilled Chicken Business Bay, Dubai

Finest Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken

It was the Sister who told us about Galito's in the Business Bay area, since she works there it is her holy grail during Lunch breaks. She constantly talks about how great the food was and how friendly the staff are. Sooooo after a visit to her office at lunch time we opted to try her much talked about Galito's Restaurant. And my rating....Off the roof! :)

Galito's like any other Peri-Peri chicken restaurants we've tried in UAE is a South African Franchise specialising in Peri-Peri tasting Flame Grilled Chicken. Their difference is that they have this distinct home-cooked feel to it. You can taste that the chicken was marinated using fresh natural ingredients (as per their website) and once you place your order the Chicken are flame grilled right there and then and serves it to you hot fresh off the grill cooked to perfection. You have choices of Peri-Peri flavors of Lemon Herb, Mild, Hot and Extra Hot for the spicy dare devils. Oh man! just writing about their food makes me salivate continuously.

The things I can commend them for, is how friendly and accommodating their staff are. Once you entered the place you have this feeling that you are being welcomed into someone's home. The interior might I say...the picture below can justify how nice and well thought of the interiors are.

(photo credit from the web)

Galito's Flame Grilled Chicken
AddressBay Square - Dubai
Phone04 458 0559

Vambinas Eats: Buffalo Wild Wings

Where the Wild wings are!

Love the concept of you having to decide what sauce to put in your chicken wings. My personal choice was the Buffalo dry rub. I find some of the chicken wings a tad too salty. 

This place is always packed when we go here and parking space a bit hard to find so better ask for the valet service. It's quite popular with the teens that they come here in groups. And knowing it's a sports bar type of hang out place it can be a tad bit of noisy at times. 

The staff are friendly that when you're having a hard time trying to decide which sauce to put on your chicken they will give you a sampler to try some of their sauces until you can decide which one suites your taste. :) 


Monday, May 16, 2016

Vambina's Eats: Denny's Diner Dubai

Your Diner...Your Place...

Ever since I got hooked on Food Network I have been a sucker for Diners...tried a couple in New York and fell in love with how "homey" diners are compared to your regular Restaurant Chains.

I was ecstatic when I heard that Denny's Diner are opening up in the Mid East...and lo and behold they opened up here in Dubai! (A BIG Smiley face with heart eyes emoji for me!) Oh YES!!!Another "breakfast for dinner" option for me and the family to try. Not that I'm complaining of going to iHop all the time for if you must know it holds a special place in my heart & tummy! :p

We tried Denny's Diner Al Ghurair Branch and as you enter the diner you'll notice the big space and the open layout of their booth that can accommodate families and group of friends. The place was well lit and might I say good for taking your photos and selfies!:) Their interior has this old fashioned diner feel to it with the modern atmosphere. And what I find great & refreshing about the place is that they are located in the busy hub of Deira and that they serve 24 hours on the clock!  

Portioning of food is huge and very "American" so always remember to bring a Big appetite with you. :)  

A glimpse of their menu.

Owwww....what can I say!One of the best CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKES in dubai...

slow clap...

The abundance of it all!

What we like about their servings is that it's good for sharing...we came in prepared and hungry but still had a lot of leftovers. I guess I can say that Denny's Diner is good for family eat outs and hanging out with a group of friends. Money well spent!

I highly recommend Denny's Diner and looking forward to more Denny's eat out with the family! Oh!and before I forget...need to tell you the best part of this experience! It didn't cost us any penny thanks to the in-laws!hehehe :) 

Thank you for the treat Tita Mitch & Tita Guillda till next time!!! :)