Monday, April 24, 2017

Our Future Youtubers!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Vambina's Travels: Global Village Dubai

Capturing the world under one roof

Every year, representatives from over 30 countries come together to be part of one of the largest cultural festival in the region. Each country hosts their own pavilion where they feature local handicrafts, traditional clothes and foodstuffs. There are a lots of programs and cultural shows of different countries, musical concerts, children's entertainment and a fireworks display every evening to mark the end of the night. And have I mentioned the huge amusement park inside where there are spectacular funfair rides that both kids and kids at heart would enjoy. No need to break the bank on this one for the entrance here is cheap! 15aed or $4 :) The atmosphere here is ideal for families and food options are abundant!

The family and I went there during winter time when the weather was still permissible and colder.
Here are some photos we took while inside Global Village.

Catch them on their last few days.

Global Village Timings 
1st of November 2016 until 8th of April 2017 

    4PM TO 12AM (Entry Gates Closed at 11:30pm)
    4PM To 1AM (Entry Gates Closed at 12:30am)
  • MONDAY IS A FAMILY DAY (Except Public Holidays)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Vambina's Eats: Chili's Dubai Mall

Celebrations are in order!

As the saying goes “Never get so busy making a living that you forget making a life”. A quote that best describes basically almost every expat, busy making a living outside their comfort zones and making money for their families back home. And I, being one, tries to make it a point to enjoy life and to never forget to have fun.

We are all caught up in a world that requires us to push our limits to be at our best in our work that we forget living. I was very fortunate to find a group of ladies at work that have the same level of “crazy” as I am. J  So recently, we Gals have decided to start having a routine of having a get together outside work in celebration of whoever’s Birthday it is.

After sometime of deliberation we all have decided to go to Chili's Dubai Mall. Here’s a glimpse of the celebration we had. 

 Oh Chili's you never fail to make me happy! you have been a ritual go to place of mine! Their Cajun Pasta has always been my favorite for it's creamy white sauce, al dente Pasta and on point spiced Cajun style Chicken on top! Their Bone in Ribs, a mouthwatering experience, fall of meat and a sweet barbecue dressing complementing everything else. Only a few of my favorites from Chili's! 
(Kindly note that this is not a paid review, it's purely out of LOVE for their food!)

It was an evening of laughter and fun and a lot of catching up! 

A shout out to the celebrants! Ate Sherlie and Girlie! :) May your days be more blessed and fruitful this 2017!

Special thanks to Ate Sherlie for the Dinner treat! :) And to these ladies for a fun filled night!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Vambinas Travel: The VOID at The Beach, Dubai

Experience Hyper Reality 

The Void a US based company which is currently only open in New York City, has partnered with Meraas to bring it's aced hyper reality experience here in Dubai. It’s like stepping into something unimaginable that is virtually possible! J  It’s virtual reality but way better for it lets you live in the moment and be able to physically interact with the items that exist in both virtual and the real world.

 (Photo Credit from the web)

 (Photo Credit from the web)

They currently feature the Ghost busters Dimension where you get to be a Ghost Buster and fight off those pesky and most of the time scary ghosts! We all were scared and excited at first, for we don’t really know what to expect! But mostly it was more of excitement as we get to experience something new and so millennial! Once you’ve logged in via your wrist band, you will be guided inside to watch some do’s and don’ts, and once inside the virtual reality area our excitement reached its high point as we get strapped into our virtual reality gear…mind you that the gears are all heavy and requires a little effort at first for it weighs a lot, but once you're in your virtual reality "game on" zone you won't mind the weight of the gear itself.  

It really is one of a kind experience and is fun for a group to try out! So I highly recommend for you guys to check it out! J

The VOID is located at The Beach overlooking the Persian Gulf. They are here only for limited engagement so better think fast and book your adventure starting 24 March 2017.

 (Photo Credit from the web)

The Beach, Dubai - UAE
Tickets IconTickets Available March 23rd

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vambinas Travels: Legoland Dubai

Grand Opening of Legoland Dubai

Was very fortunate to be one of the guests to try Legoland Dubai before it's grand opening to the public. Like a kid in candy store my family and I were very excited! Legoland Dubai is a Lego themed Adventure park suitable for families and children from 2-12 years of age, it is one of the theme parks inside the Dubai Parks and Resorts. A step closer to Dubai's vision of becoming global family destination.

Going there:
If you are coming from Dubai side, take Sheikh Zayed /E11 road it will take around 30mins or 50km when there's no traffic and pass Jebel Ali, after a few kilometers you will see exit 5 with a Big Arc saying Dubai Parks...stay on the right lane and after crossing the bridge you will land directly on the visitors parking area of Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Once there , the gate attendant will warmly welcome you with a Big Smile and will direct you to follow the marshals on land for parking directions. Upon parking your car you will then take a Dubai Parks Bus that will take you near the entrance of the theme park that you will visit that day. 1st stop will be the Legoland Park stop and the 2nd and last stop will be the Motion Gate theme park stop.

A nice picturesque view will welcome you upon walking towards Legolands entrance.

Upon entering you will be greeted with lively music and lots of characters! So it's best to be on game point and camera ready at all time!

LEGOLAND Dubai has Six Themed Lands:


At Legoland both children and adults will have lots of fun! :) 

LEGOLAND® Dubai Please contact us at AmazingService@LEGOLAND.aeor call us toll freeWithin the UAE 800 262 9464 International Calls  +971 4 820 0000

Monday, December 5, 2016

Dubai Gold Souk

Going for the GOLD! 

Dubai Gold Souk in Deira is one of the most famous visited Souk in Dubai. It is a must for a tourist itinerary, even to those with no intention of making any purchase. Like the other Souks the Gold Souk is like a maze of narrow street that houses hundreds of shops literally overflowing with gold jewelry.

 (Photo credit from the web)

Upon entering the market price of gold is displayed on signs found around the Souk and even in some individual stores. 

 (Photo credit from the web)

 (Photo credit from the web)

Pieces are sold by weight according to the market price plus additional charge for workmanship. It is always advisable to barter and never accept the first price that they offer for it always start at a steep price. A little tip, the weight price is non-negotiable and is a fixed price, but the workmanship price is always negotiable and can be reduced for as as high as 30%. 

Their window displays are always on point and good for photo ops!

 (Photo credit from the web)

After the sun sets is when the Souk comes to life covered in neon lights and the Gold and Diamond shining as brightly as they can enticing visitors.

Gold Souk is located in Deira Dubai near the Al Ras Metro Station. Open 7 days a week and opens from 10am to 10pm with split timings in the afternoon from 1pm-4pm.