Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vambinas Travels: Legoland Dubai

Grand Opening of Legoland Dubai

Was very fortunate to be one of the guests to try Legoland Dubai before it's grand opening to the public. Like a kid in candy store my family and I were very excited! Legoland Dubai is a Lego themed Adventure park suitable for families and children from 2-12 years of age, it is one of the theme parks inside the Dubai Parks and Resorts. A step closer to Dubai's vision of becoming global family destination.

Going there:
If you are coming from Dubai side, take Sheikh Zayed /E11 road it will take around 30mins or 50km when there's no traffic and pass Jebel Ali, after a few kilometers you will see exit 5 with a Big Arc saying Dubai Parks...stay on the right lane and after crossing the bridge you will land directly on the visitors parking area of Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Once there , the gate attendant will warmly welcome you with a Big Smile and will direct you to follow the marshals on land for parking directions. Upon parking your car you will then take a Dubai Parks Bus that will take you near the entrance of the theme park that you will visit that day. 1st stop will be the Legoland Park stop and the 2nd and last stop will be the Motion Gate theme park stop.

A nice picturesque view will welcome you upon walking towards Legolands entrance.

Upon entering you will be greeted with lively music and lots of characters! So it's best to be on game point and camera ready at all time!

LEGOLAND Dubai has Six Themed Lands:


At Legoland both children and adults will have lots of fun! :) 

LEGOLAND® Dubai Please contact us at AmazingService@LEGOLAND.aeor call us toll freeWithin the UAE 800 262 9464 International Calls  +971 4 820 0000

Monday, December 5, 2016

Dubai Gold Souk

Going for the GOLD! 

Dubai Gold Souk in Deira is one of the most famous visited Souk in Dubai. It is a must for a tourist itinerary, even to those with no intention of making any purchase. Like the other Souks the Gold Souk is like a maze of narrow street that houses hundreds of shops literally overflowing with gold jewelry.

 (Photo credit from the web)

Upon entering the market price of gold is displayed on signs found around the Souk and even in some individual stores. 

 (Photo credit from the web)

 (Photo credit from the web)

Pieces are sold by weight according to the market price plus additional charge for workmanship. It is always advisable to barter and never accept the first price that they offer for it always start at a steep price. A little tip, the weight price is non-negotiable and is a fixed price, but the workmanship price is always negotiable and can be reduced for as as high as 30%. 

Their window displays are always on point and good for photo ops!

 (Photo credit from the web)

After the sun sets is when the Souk comes to life covered in neon lights and the Gold and Diamond shining as brightly as they can enticing visitors.

Gold Souk is located in Deira Dubai near the Al Ras Metro Station. Open 7 days a week and opens from 10am to 10pm with split timings in the afternoon from 1pm-4pm. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Old Dubai

Experiencing Old Dubai

Since the weather outside is permissible and we can now take the kids outside for them to enjoy a breath of fresh air, we thought of going somewhere beyond the glass skyscrapers of Dubai's futuristic metropolis. Not many know that there is a completely different side of Dubai, a side where people can have a glimpse of how rich and colorful Dubai's history is.

What was once a fishing village and a pearl trading industry is now one of the most popular city in the Persian Gulf. 

We headed out to Deira, one of the oldest parts of Dubai which is home to colorful Souks / markets like the Textile,Spice and Gold Souk. 

1st stop the Abra Station...
Abras are small motorized water taxis/wooden boats that is a popular means of transportation for both residents and tourist. It holds around 15-20 people and is the fastest means of travelling from Deira to Bur Dubai. No traffic, No Salik plus a scenic view...major PLUS points! 

Taking an Abra is a cost efficient means of transport for it only cost 1aed ($0.27) per person. Currently there are two main routes Abras ply across the Dubai Creek and they have four stations, Two on the Deira side,the northern part of the creek, and two on the southern Bur Dubai side. They also offer personalized tours of the Creek and pay by the hour. No need for booking, you just need to approach a driver and ask them for a tour or in our case they will approach you and offer you a tour for 60aed per hour. Personalized cruise may vary depending on the price a driver offers, a tip for tourists haggle!  

Disembarking on the other side marks once entry to Bur Dubai Old Souk.
 (Photo credit from internet)

 (Photo credit from internet)

The Old Souk or what is also known as the Textile Souk is a traditional market place, the beating heart of import and export trading in the early times. 
 (Photo credit from internet)

As you walk along the quaint alleys of the Souk you will be bombarded with offers from salesman. Pashmina's, shirts and cute Souvenir are often set at a "tourist price", so again be prepared to haggle, or you would end up paying more than you really need to. 

The Old Souk is open in the mornings except on Fridays and opens again in the late afternoon until late in the evenings. 

Touring Dubai's Old Souk is an essential part of ones Dubai experience. So for us to have had experienced this with our family was a truly productive and budget friendly day for us! Now off to the other side for a tour of the Spice and Gold Souk! (watch out for my next post :)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Caboodle Pamper and Play

A Hidden Gem

Being a mom of 2 here in the busy city of Dubai I try to find ways to have play time with my kids after work hours, in the evenings and most specially during weekends and build memories that would last them a lifetime. Being back in the hustle and bustle of Dubai, we find solace in a hidden gem in this place called Caboodle Pamper & Play at City Walk. It is an indoor play area for families and kids.  Here, you pay for an hour or so for your kids to have access to their play area. They offer services like Drop & Shop where you can drop your kids to play while you shop your heart out. Don't be worried of your child's safety for they have well trained staff who will look after your kids while they play. They also offer a one on one baby sitter if you want your child to be well taken care of while you are away. 

I commend Caboodle in giving time and effort in making sure that they have educational toys and games designed to promote a child’s physical and social development. They have this section for arts & crafts, where your kids can  draw, color and enhance their creativity and imagination. A costume closet for role playing or simply just letting your kids wear a princess dress while having a blast socializing with other kids in the play area. And their play area might I say have lots of toys, musical instruments, slides and jungle gym where kids can just let loose and interact with other kids while enhancing their physical development. A win win for both parents and child.

Since me and my daughter needed a Quality Time together I decided to avail Caboodles package for Mom & Daughter which was a Mani Pedi session. :) Another plus about this service is that they give you a complimentary 30 minutes access to their play area when you book any Salon services from Sunday through Wednesday. Click here for updated packages.

I highly recommend Caboodle Pamper & Play to all parents out there.
Caboodle Pamper & Play
City Walk Jumeirah 1
Tel:04 344 4570
Mob: 0558002694


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Feast at Sheraton Grand Hotel

Good Food + Good Company


Have been away from my writing for awhile now and is seriously beating myself up for not finding time to update my Blog. If you guys care enough to know what’s happening in my life I’ll be happy to share that major changes has happened in the last couple of months and you will soon know as we progress in my writing…for now…back to my passion and my love…Food blogging! J
So here we go…Have recently transferred to a new company in Dubai…yes…finally, back in the concrete Jungle! And need I say, was extremely blessed to have met and be surrounded by kind hearted people in my work place. Merely 2 months in and I was already invited out for dinner with the new work family to celebrate Ate Dot's entry to her blissful married life. As a Dubai “Newbie” I was quite excited to experience a Feast after the hustle and bustle in the metro. And so off we go to Sheraton Grand Hotel for a Seafood Night with the Ladies and a Gent…

 While entering their foyer an array of colorful dessert spread will greet you making you feel happy and giddy inside like a kid in a candy store… J then a hostess will immediately greet you upon your arrival and will help you be seated and your attendant for the night is right next to her ready to assist and take you around each station of the buffet. I must say that their service is pretty good as their staff was very helpful, took care of us and attended to our every need.


Some staples from their buffet…fresh and large mussels, Dungeness crab legs, Lobsters & Oysters to name a few…

Bread section was my favorite!(as with every other buffet restaurants I’ve visited), everything was freshly baked and delicious!

Be still my heart…

The highlight of the evening!
 A BIG BIG thanks and CONGRATULATIONS to the Mister & Mrs. Wishing you a Blissful married life!
Great food accompanied by good service and complimented by the nice atmosphere...
definitely a great dining experience!

Good food, good friends and good laughs.
I'm happy, satisfied and contented.
Photo Credit: Ate Dot for the lovely photos